Leaf labradorite Magic Gemstone Necklace

Rs. 2,485 Rs. 7,080

Find Balance, calm your mind, and fill your heart with positivity with this natural labradorite nature inspired necklace. Perfect for gift giving to someone you love!


Labradorite is a stone that brings balance to oneself, and natural healing. Natural crystal jewelry to soothe the soul.



Please note as with all natural gemstones the color and inclusions may vary slightly from the Piece shown because these are all natural gemstones, and no two labradorites would ever look exactly the same.

Every piece used in the jewelry is handpicked so i can assure you your will shine enough to make you fall in love with them because i pick the best or the similar stone shown in the picture. Because we strongly believe customer satisfaction is paramount for any business.


Gemstone - Labradorite

Gemstone measurements - 10MM

Metal - 925 solid sterling silver