Raw Moonstone Dangles

Rs. 1,450 Rs. 1,800

We all know someone who loves to be stylish and hip. Give them a gift that speaks their love of the natural world today with Raw Moonstone earrings from Gemalion!


Think back to high school biology. Do you remember learning about minerals? They came in loads of colors, right? What's better for a fashionable person than having some shades of blue hues rocks on her Ear?



♥ Please note as with all natural gemstones the color and inclusions may vary slightly from the Piece shown because these are all raw natural gemstones and are cut in their original form, and no two Moonstone would ever look exactly the same.




Gemstone - Moonstone

Gemstone measurements - It varies slightly since we are working with raw crystals

Metal - 925 solid sterling silver