Raw Labradorite Egg Ring

Rs. 2,414 Rs. 7,060

This unusual and one-of-a-kind raw Labradorite ring features Egg Shaped raw stone of labradorite running through blue to multi color color flashes.

These beautifully organic accents will reflect light to create a sparkling effect on your hand, making this statement ring perfect for everyday wear! Whether you're looking for an uncommon holiday gift or want something fun to add to your collection, this one is sure to please!




♥ It should be noted that color and inclusions may vary as with all-natural gemstones since these are all-natural, and no two specimens are identical. This raw labradorite ring gives your finger a unique and charming touch.





Product - Raw Labradorite Silver Ring

Gemstone - Natural Labradorite

Metal - Solid 925 sterling silver

Gemstone shape – fancy Oval

Finished - with bright polish to make your jewelry look even brighter