Raw Amethyst Dainty Ring

Rs. 2,000 Rs. 2,400

A rain of purple.

Gorgeous Amethyst Minimalist raw crystal gold filled Ring. A perfect ring for anyone who admire raw crystal specially for people born in February , Also available in solid sterling silver.

This stunning dainty Uncut Amethyst ring features a Genuine Fine quality purple African amethyst raw gemstone.

NOTE - Since these are natural crystal the color and the inclusions and shapes may varies a little because nature creates unique and different. But i can assure you since we buy our raw directly from miners and get it polished in our office we have an opportunity to pick the fine quality stone for your jewelry that is adored by its wearer after all your satisfaction is what we are working for.



Gemstone - Natural Raw African amethyst

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly

Band Width - 1.7 MM