Peridot Timeless Octagon Ring

Rs. 4,615 Rs. 7,090

The beauty of peridot never fades. We invite you to buy fine quality natural gemstone rings for your loved ones. A high-quality, beautiful emerald cut ring will take their breath away with its captivating color and stellar design.



Peridot is a rare gemstone with a delicate pastel green hue. This stunning emerald cut ring features the vivid, lively peridot stone for an addition to your everyday wear. Crafted by designers in Jaipur , this finely-laid band will be sure to delight you daily while making her day spent wearing it unforgettable too!



Gemstone - Natural Peridot

Main gemstone size - 8X6 MM Emerald cut faceted

Metal - 925 solid sterling silver rhodium plated

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly