Labradorite Handmade Boho ring

Rs. 2,130 Rs. 7,068

Labradorite is known as a stone of magic. a stunning natural round shaped labradorite full of fire held by 925 Sterling Silver .

Very bright and changing color according to a source of light! This Labradorite gypsy Ring looks fabulous and timeless :) A simple yet elegant design to make sure that this doesnt bother your day to day activities.


♥ Please note as with all natural gemstones the color and inclusions may vary slightly from the pair shown. Every piece used in the jewelry is handpicked so i can assure you your will shine enough to make you fall in love with them ,

In an attempt to make sure that you receive what you see I took all the picture in the natural light to give to you a proper idea as to how will it look with naked eyes .



Gemstone - 100% Natural Labradorite

Metal - Solid 925 sterling silver

Gemstone size – 10 MM finished 



Why choose us over other sellers :

-: We are the manufacturer of different kinds of gemstones including the one we use in our jewellery So i can assure you my prices will be highly competitive or in most cases matchless.

-: Since i collect the Raw material and get it cut and polished in my own small factory by a team of skilled artisans, The authencity of my stones can’t be challenged.

-: Because we are manufacturer of our own stones that gives us the opportunity to pick the best piece for the Jewellery.

-: You will get what you are being promised for otherwise 100% money back.

-: With low overhead and our direct manufacturing capacity we can make higher quality jewelry than most retail stores offer and still sell it for a fraction of the price.