Minimalist Raw Garnet Engagement Ring

Rs. 2,698 Rs. 7,050

Tired of the “traditional” or artificial? Get yourself a dangerously beautiful, natural garnet. Crafted into a chunky ring with rough edges and an organic feel, this stone will never disappoint. Rock your unique style and take charge in this piece of art created by the Earth herself.


You can grab one of these raw crystal rings and pair them with your favorite silver necklace, beaded bracelets, or even stack them on top of each other with your everyday accessories. This stone provides true authenticity because it doesn't require any enhancement like cutting shapes into it--it naturally has that signature rough look that tells you it came right out of nature!


Note -  Since these are natural stone they will vary a little from the piece shown above for obvious reasons. 

Product - Raw Garnet Engagement Ring

Gemstone - Natural Raw Mozambique Garnet

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly

Band Width - 1.7 MM