London Blue Topaz Unique Pear Cut Ring

Rs. 4,615 Rs. 7,095

This Eye catchy Expensive looking handmade London blue topaz sterling silver ring for women that features a highest quality Natural London blue Topaz Tear drop cut gemstone all held together by 925 solid sterling silver and then RHODIUM PLATED to make sure that the piece of your jewelry last for years to come. 

It's unique looks make it a perfect choice for a blue topaz engagement or promise ring not to mention this will make a perfect blue topaz statement ring.

This could also turn out to be a great choice for your gift ideas to your loved ones for a handcrafted jewelry.

This also could turn out to be a perfect valentine's gift for her.

Benefit of rhodium plating -

Since rhodium is more durable than any other metal, it will protect anything it is plated over. Rhodium plating allows the jewelry piece to be less susceptible to corrosion and damage, allowing your favorite pieces of jewelry to last longer. It can help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction


Gemstone - Natural London blue Topaz

Main gemstone size - 9X6 Pear cut faceted

Metal - 925 solid sterling silver rhodium plated

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly