Emerald Dainty Ring

Rs. 6,500 Rs. 7,300

Have you ever wanted to give your girlfriend an anniversary ring or birthday gift made out of natural emerald? Well, now you can!


You'll love prancing around with this cute dainty ring on your finger. Because This beautiful emerald ring will do the trick. With its natural green tone, it is sure to put a smile on any couple's face. This would be great for an anniversary gift.




NOTE - Since these are Natural Earth mined natural stones Their color and inclusions may vary a little since nature create different and unique every time And two Emerald would never ever look same.

Gemstone - Natural Emerald

Origin - Zambia

Accent stone - Top quality CZ

Main gemstone size - 6X4 MM

Metal - 925 Sterling silver with rhodium plating by default or gold or rose gold filled as per your choice

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly