Aquamarine Emerald Cut Ring

Rs. 5,964 Rs. 7,120

A handsome Aquamarine Emerald Cut Ring glossy stone with an intriguing matrix set in sterling silver and then RHODIUM PLATED to make sure that the piece of your jewelry lasts for years to come.


If you’re looking for a natural emerald cut aquamarine ring for yourself or for your loved ones, This could be a perfect choice for yourself or for your loved ones in case of Christmas and birthday gift.

No one can easily escape in a crowd without noticing it by its appealing design. The aquamarine emerald cut ring has a sparkling white glow that attracts others to grab it in their hands. 


All these qualities of an emerald-cut aquamarine ring make it an ideal gift for your beloved ones on special occasions to highlight your romance. Emerald rings also have the qualities to embrace your style of accessories. This ring is also used as a proposal ring. 

Benefit of rhodium plating:-

Since rhodium is more durable than any other metal, it will protect anything it is plated over. Rhodium plating allows the jewelry piece to be less susceptible to corrosion and damage, allowing your favorite pieces of jewelry to last longer. It can help reduce the chance of an allergic reaction

Product - Aquamarine Emerald Cut Ring

Gemstone - Natural Aqua Marine

Accent stone - CZ

Main gemstone size - 8X6MM Emerald-cut faceted

Metal - 925 solid sterling silver rhodium plated

Size - All sizes available please choose accordingly

Since These natural stones are unique and different from each other, we will make sure the stones that are being used in the piece of your jewelry have the capabilities to make you fall in love with that. The expert artisan of Gemalion crafted the stone very expertly.  You will get from Gemalion what we show and describe for our products.